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After looking at your phpinfo() output, it appears the mysql extensions are not being loaded. I suspect you might be editing the wrong php.ini file (there might be multiple copies). Make sure you are editing the php file at C:phpphp.ini (also check to make sure there is no second copy in C:Windows).

Also, you should check your Apache logs for errors (should be in the logs directory in your Apache install.

If you haven't read the below, I would take a look at the comments section, because it seems like a lot of people experience quirks with setting this up. A few commenters offer solutions they used to get it working.


Another common solution seems to be to copy libmysql.dll and php_mysql.dll from c:PHP to C:WindowsSystem32.

By Shibon on November 28 2022
  1. Locate the correct php.ini file (check phpinfo() if in doubt)
  2. Locate the line saying


    and make sure it is uncommented (no ; in front)

  3. Save
  4. Restart web server
By chapinkapa on December 25 2022

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