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PHP get all arguments as array?


In java I can do this (pseudocode):

public hello( String..args ){
    value1 = args[0] 
    value2 = args[1] 
    valueN = arg[n];

and then:

hello('first', 'second', 'no', 'matter', 'the', 'size');

Is something like this in php?


I now that I can pass an array like hello(array(bla, bla)), but may could exists the way mencioned above, right?



See func_get_args:

function foo()
    $numArgs = func_num_args();

    echo 'Number of arguments:' . $numArgs . "n";

    if ($numArgs >= 2) {
        echo 'Second argument is: ' . func_get_arg(1) . "n";

    $args = func_get_args();
    foreach ($args as $index => $arg) {
        echo 'Argument' . $index . ' is ' . $arg . "n";


foo(1, 2, 3);


When you call foo(17, 20, 31) func_get_args() don't know that the first argument represents the $first variable for example. When you know what each numeric index represents you can do this (or similar):

function bar()
    list($first, $second, $third) = func_get_args();

    return $first + $second + $third;

echo bar(10, 21, 37); // Output: 68

If I want a specific variable, I can ommit the others one:

function bar()
    list($first, , $third) = func_get_args();

    return $first + $third;

echo bar(10, 21, 37); // Output: 47
Wednesday, November 9, 2022

No, it's not possible to do directly. You might try this "clever" trick instead:

public function addPages(array $pages)
    foreach($pages as $page) addPage($page);

public function addPage(My_Page $page)

But I 'm not sure if it's worth all the trouble. It would be a good approach if addPage is useful on its own.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

If you wrote that function, you can make the 6th parameter optional:

function sendemail($email_to, $email_from, $email_subject, $email_body, $email_replyto, $cc = null) {
    if ($cc !== null) {
        // add cc headers, e.g.
        // $headers['Cc'] = $cc;

You will then have the option to omit this parameter:

sendemail("[email protected]", "[email protected]", "subject", "body", "[email protected]");
sendemail("[email protected]", "[email protected]", "subject", "body", "[email protected]", "[email protected]");
Friday, September 30, 2022

My suggestion is use array instead of using number of argument, For example your function call should be like this.

$params[6] = 'value';

For identify that sixth parameter has set

function MyFunction($params){
 If ( isset($params[6]) ) // parameter six has value


I hope that it will be a alternate way

Friday, October 7, 2022

func_get_args will do what you want:

function infinite_parameters() {
    foreach (func_get_args() as $param) {
        echo "Param is $param" . PHP_EOL;

You can also use func_get_arg to get a specific parameter (it's zero-indexed):

function infinite_parameters() {
    echo func_get_arg(2);

But be careful to check that you have that parameter:

function infinite_parameters() {
    if (func_num_args() < 3) {
        throw new BadFunctionCallException("Not enough parameters!");

You can even mix together func_*_arg and regular parameters:

function foo($param1, $param2) {
    echo $param1; // Works as normal
    echo func_get_arg(0); // Gets $param1
    if (func_num_args() >= 3) {
        echo func_get_arg(2);

But before using it, think about whether you really want to have indefinite parameters. Would an array not suffice?

Thursday, November 3, 2022
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