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I have this working function that finds folders and creates an array.

function dua_get_files($path)
    foreach (glob($path . "/*", GLOB_ONLYDIR) as $filename)
        $dir_paths[] = $filename;   
    return $dir_paths;

This function can only find the directories on the current location. I want to find the directory paths in the child folders and their children and so on.

The array should still be a flat list of directory paths.

An example of how the output array should look like

$dir_path[0] = 'path/folder1';
$dir_path[1] = 'path/folder1/child_folder1';
$dir_path[2] = 'path/folder1/child_folder2';
$dir_path[3] = 'path/folder2';
$dir_path[4] = 'path/folder2/child_folder1';
$dir_path[5] = 'path/folder2/child_folder2';
$dir_path[6] = 'path/folder2/child_folder3';



If you want to recursively work on directories, you should take a look at the RecursiveDirectoryIterator.

$path = realpath('/etc');

$objects = new RecursiveIteratorIterator(new RecursiveDirectoryIterator($path), RecursiveIteratorIterator::SELF_FIRST);
foreach($objects as $name => $object){
    echo "$namen";
Thursday, October 13, 2022

Try this:

glob("$dir/{,[1-9]}[0-9].jpg", GLOB_BRACE);

The GLOB_BRACE option tells it to recognize alternatives in braces, so {,[1-9]} matches either an empty string or a non-zero digit. Then this is followed by any digit. So with the empty string it matches 0 through 9, and with the non-zero digit it matches 10 through 99.

Sunday, November 13, 2022
if(glob("images/*.{jpg,png,gif}", GLOB_BRACE))
  //create gallery

And that's about it :)

Saturday, October 15, 2022

use a flag for that. hope to help.(-:

$imageDir = "img/landMarks/carousel/";
$images = glob($imageDir.'*.jpg');
foreach ($images as $image){
echo '<div class="item' .($flag?' active':''). '">'.PHP_EOL."tt";
echo '<img src="'.$image.'" alt=""></div>'.PHP_EOL."t";
Saturday, August 20, 2022

This seems to be covered as an issue in this bug report on

The last post on that thread is about it not being a bug, but an issue from how glob treats brackets, as part of the regular expression. I'm not sure I agree. It seems you can work around this, unless you cannot move up into the parent folder.

If you remove the first requirement of being in the inside [test] folder, you can get the file listing by using a syntax like below:

$glob = glob("[[]test[]]/*");

Given these complications, I would recommend not using the glob function if you are running into issues on windows machines, and look at other file listing functions like readdir.

Saturday, December 24, 2022
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