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echo $this->bb;

The variable is inherited and is not private, so it is a part of the current object.

Here is additional information in response to your request for more information about using parent:::

Use parent:: when you want add extra functionality to a method from the parent class. For example, imagine an Airplane class:

class Airplane {
    private $pilot;

    public function __construct( $pilot ) {
        $this->pilot = $pilot;

Now suppose we want to create a new type of Airplane that also has a navigator. You can extend the __construct() method to add the new functionality, but still make use of the functionality offered by the parent:

class Bomber extends Airplane {
    private $navigator;

    public function __construct( $pilot, $navigator ) {
        $this->navigator = $navigator;

        parent::__construct( $pilot ); // Assigns $pilot to $this->pilot

In this way, you can follow the DRY principle of development but still provide all of the functionality you desire.

By user930514 on October 24 2022

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