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Here is the below Code:

$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM tablex");

if ($result = mysql_fetch_array($query)){

    if ($result['column'] == NULL) { print "<input type='checkbox' />"; }
    else { print "<input type='checkbox' checked />"; }

If the values are NOT NULL i still get the uncheked box. Am i doing something wrong from above, shoudnt $result['column'] == NULL work?

Any Ideas?



Use is_null or === operator.


$result['column'] === NULL
Saturday, October 1, 2022

To pass a NULL to MySQL, you do just that.

INSERT INTO table (field,field2) VALUES (NULL,3)

So, in your code, check if $intLat, $intLng are empty, if they are, use NULL instead of '$intLat' or '$intLng'.

$intLat = !empty($intLat) ? "'$intLat'" : "NULL";
$intLng = !empty($intLng) ? "'$intLng'" : "NULL";

$query = "INSERT INTO data (notes, id, filesUploaded, lat, lng, intLat, intLng)
          VALUES ('$notes', '$id', TRIM('$imageUploaded'), '$lat', '$long', 
                  $intLat, $intLng)";
Tuesday, September 13, 2022

I see a slew of problems in your question:

I want to use col1 data If col2 is not null, If It's I will use col2 data.

I assume you mean you want to use col2 data if col1 IS null otherwise use col1. In that case you have issues in your php. Not sure if you provided sample code or not but you're not passing any variables to the function nor declaring them as global inside the func.

function something($col1, $col2){

  if(is_null($col1) == true)
        $var = $col2;
        $var = $col1;

  return $var;

function something2($col1, $col2){

  if($col1 === NULL)
        $var = $col2;
        $var = $col1;

  return $var;

echo something('a','x');
echo something2('a','x');

This gives you 'a' in both cases

echo something(NULL,'b');
echo something2(NULL,'b');

This gives you 'b'

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

What about

string y = (Session["key"] ?? "none").ToString();
Thursday, August 4, 2022

Functions implicitly return undefined. Undefined keys in arrays are undefined. Undefined attributes in objects are undefined.

function foo () {


var bar = [];
var baz = {};

//foo() === undefined && bar[100] === undefined && baz.something === undefined

document.getElementById returns null if no elements are found.

var el = document.getElementById("foo");

// el === null || el instanceof HTMLElement

You should never have to check for undefined or null (unless you're aggregating data from both a source that may return null, and a source which may return undefined).

I recommend you avoid null; use undefined.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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