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I have a filename($fname) and I need to assign $pClass to the file type with a "-" afterwards. Currently I always get text-, no matter what file type it is.

//This gets the extention for the file and assigns the class to the icon <i>
$pieces = explode('.', $fname);
$ext = array_pop($pieces);

if($ext == (('txt')||('rtf')||('log')||('docx'))){
  $pClass = 'text-';
else if($ext == (('zip')||('sitx')||('7z')||('rar')||('gz'))){
  $pClass = 'archive-';
else if($ext == (('php')||('css')||('html')||('c')||('cs')||('java')||('js')||('xml')||('htm')||('asp'))){
  $pClass = 'code-';
else if($ext == (('png')||('bmp')||('dds')||('gif')||('jpg')||('psd')||('pspimage')||('tga')||('svg'))){
  $pClass = 'image-';
else {
  $pClass = '';

Why doesn't my if statement with the OR operator works?



The logical ||(OR) operator doesn't work as you expect it to work. The || operator always evaluates to a boolean either TRUE or FALSE. So in your example your strings get converted into booleans and then compared.

If statement:

if($ext == ('txt' || 'rtf'|| 'log' || 'docx'))

Comes down to:

if($ext == (TRUE || TRUE || TRUE || TRUE))
if($ext == TRUE)

To solve this problem and get the code to work as you want it to you can use different methods.

Multiple comparison

One way to solve the problem and check your values against multiple values is, to actually compare the value against multiple values:

if($ext == "txt" || $ext == "rtf" /* || ... */)


Another way is to use the function in_array() and check if the value is equal to one of the array values:

if(in_array($ext, ["txt", "rtf" /* , ... */], TRUE))

Note: Second parameter is for strict comparison


You could also use switch to check your value against multiple values and just let the case fall through.


    case "txt":
    case "rtf":
 /* case ...: */
        $pClass = "text-";

Monday, December 12, 2022

You should not be doing this dynamically in PHP, since PHP has no concept of the size of the screen (without help from client side cookies or something similar).

You should use a CSS media query for this. For example:

@media screen and (max-width: 1024px) {
  /* CSS for up to 1024px width */   

@media screen and (min-width: 1025px) {
  /* CSS for over 1024px width */

You can also use javascript to modify the CSS properties of an element. In fact your example seems to try to use jQuery syntax in PHP, which of course won't work.

Monday, August 29, 2022

The correct syntax for your IF is

if($InboundTextBody === 'Help' OR $InboundTextBody === 'help'){

Or you could convert all to lowercase and do

if(strtolower($InboundTextBody) === 'help'){
Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Don't try to be too sneaky, especially when it needlessly affects performance. If you really have a whole heap of comparisons to do, just format it nicely.

if (foobar === foo ||
    foobar === bar ||
    foobar === baz ||
    foobar === pew) {
     //do something
Tuesday, September 13, 2022
("Jesse" or "jesse")

The above expression tests whether or not "Jesse" evaluates to True. If it does, then the expression will return it; otherwise, it will return "jesse". The expression is equivalent to writing:

"Jesse" if "Jesse" else "jesse"

Because "Jesse" is a non-empty string though, it will always evaluate to True and thus be returned:

>>> bool("Jesse")  # Non-empty strings evaluate to True in Python
>>> bool("")  # Empty strings evaluate to False
>>> ("Jesse" or "jesse")
>>> ("" or "jesse")

This means that the expression:

name == ("Jesse" or "jesse")

is basically equivalent to writing this:

name == "Jesse"

In order to fix your problem, you can use the in operator:

# Test whether the value of name can be found in the tuple ("Jesse", "jesse")
if name in ("Jesse", "jesse"):

Or, you can lowercase the value of name with str.lower and then compare it to "jesse" directly:

# This will also handle inputs such as "JeSSe", "jESSE", "JESSE", etc.
if name.lower() == "jesse":
Thursday, November 10, 2022
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