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Just curious if there's a way in netbeans to give type hints for regular variables, so that intellisense picks it up. I know you can do it for class properties, function parameters, return types, etc. but I can't figure out how to do it for regular variables. It's something that would really help in situations where you have a method that can return different object types (like a service locator).

ex something like:

 * @var Some_Service $someService
$someService = ServiceLocator::locate('someService');

Where using $someService afterward, netbeans would provide all available methods defined in the class Some_Service.



A single line is all you need:

/* @var $varName Type_Name */

See this article in the NetBeans PHP Blog:

Note: At least, in version 8.2; The key seems to be:

  • The single asterisk (/* instead of /**).
  • Placing the type after the variable name.
  • Having nothing before and after the type-hinting (except white-space, but even that is not allowed when the comment is not in a single line).
Saturday, December 10, 2022


/* @var $objs Test[] */
foreach ($objs as $obj) {
    // Typehinting will occur after typing $obj->

when typehinting inline variables, and

class A {
    /** @var Test[] */
    private $items;

for class properties.

Previous answer from '09 when PHPDoc (and IDEs like Zend Studio and Netbeans) didn't have that option:

The best you can do is say,

foreach ($Objs as $Obj)
    /* @var $Obj Test */
    // You should be able to get hinting after the preceding line if you type $Obj->

I do that a lot in Zend Studio. Don't know about other editors, but it ought to work.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

It's not included.

If it's not included, do you have Any clue why it was not included when type hinting was added?

With the current array implementation, it would require checking all array elements at runtime, because the array itself contains no type information.

It has actually already been proposed for PHP 5.6 but rejected: RFC "arrayof" - interestingly not because of performance issues which turned out to be neglible, but because there was no agreement in how exactly it should be implemented. There was also the objection that it is incomplete without scalar type hints. If you are interested in the whole discussion, read it in the mailing list archive.

IMHO array type hints would provide most benefit together with typed arrays, and I'd love to see them implemented.

So maybe it's about time for a new RFC and to reopen this discussion.

Partial Workaround:

you can type hint variadic arguments and thus write the signature as

function findUserByAge(int $age, User ...$users) : array


findUserByAge(15, ...$userInput);

In this call, the argument $userInput will be "unpacked" into single variables, and in the method itself "packed" back into an array $users. Each item is validated to be of type User. $userInput can also be an iterator, it will be converted to an array.

Unfortunately there is no similar workaround for return types, and you can only use it for the last argument.

Friday, August 19, 2022
/** @return Control */

for non-static:

/** @return $this */

but it's not documented in phpdoc manual

Sunday, September 4, 2022

/* @var ClassName $object */ is a non-valid PHPDOC comment and is not parsed in the current version of Web IDE. Use double asterisks to make it work:

/** @var ClassName $object */

Also, you can annotate $array in foreach($array as $var) with /** @var ClassName[] $array */ and $var type will be deduced automatically.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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