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After the latest update of PHP Intelephense that I get today, the intelephense keep showing an error for an undefined symbol for my route (and other class too), there is no error like this before and it's bothering me.

Here is the error screenshot :

And this is my code :

Route::group(['prefix' => 'user', 'namespace' => 'Membership', 'name' => 'user.'], function () {
    Route::get('profile', 'ProfileController@show')->name('');
    Route::patch('profile', 'ProfileController@update')->name('profile.update');
    Route::patch('change-password', 'ChangePasswordController@change')->name('change-password');
    Route::get('role', 'ProfileController@getRole')->name('profile.role');
    Route::get('summary', 'SummaryController@show')->name('summary');
    Route::get('reserved', 'AuctionController@reservedAuction')->name('reserved');

Actually there's no error in this code but the intelephense keeps showing an error so is there a way to fix this?



Intelephense 1.3 added undefined type, function, constant, class constant, method, and property diagnostics, where previously in 1.2 there was only undefined variable diagnostics.

Some frameworks are written in a way that provide convenient shortcuts for the user but make it difficult for static analysis engines to discover symbols that are available at runtime.

Stub generators like help fill the gap here and using this with Laravel will take care of many of the false diagnostics by providing concrete definitions of symbols that can be easily discovered.

Still, PHP is a very flexible language and there may be other instances of false undefined symbols depending on how code is written. For this reason, since 1.3.3, intelephense has config options to enable/disable each category of undefined symbol to suit the workspace and coding style.

These options are: intelephense.diagnostics.undefinedTypes intelephense.diagnostics.undefinedFunctions intelephense.diagnostics.undefinedConstants intelephense.diagnostics.undefinedClassConstants intelephense.diagnostics.undefinedMethods intelephense.diagnostics.undefinedProperties intelephense.diagnostics.undefinedVariables

Setting all of these to false except intelephense.diagnostics.undefinedVariables will give version 1.2 behaviour. See the VSCode settings UI and search for intelephense.

Sunday, December 4, 2022


You may use lookarounds freely in your regexps, both lookaheads and lookbehinds, as a result of moving to Electron 3.0. Since lookarounds are supported since Chromium 62 and Node 8.10.0, and Electron 3.0 uses Chromium 66 and Node 10.2.0, they are now supported out-of-the-box.

PCRE2 option is

Deprecated. PCRE2 will be used automatically when using regex features that are only supported by PCRE2.

Note that starting with VS Code 1.31, even infinite-width lookbehinds are supported.

Previous answer for legacy versions

Note that to make your patterns with lookaheads work you need to edit your settings.json file to set

"search.usePCRE2": true

See the v1.29 release notes:

It is also now possible to use backreferences and lookahead assertions in regex searches, by setting "search.usePCRE2": true. This configures ripgrep to use the PCRE2 regex engine. While PCRE2 supports many other features, we only support regex expressions that are still valid in JavaScript, because open editors are still searched using the editor's JavaScript-based search.

Also, see Mark's answer who noticed this option earlier.

Then, your ^class (?!Migration)[A-Z][a-z]* regex will work.

Monday, October 24, 2022

The extension Beautify (from HookyQR) just does it very well. Either add PHP, and any other file extension type, to the configuration. As said by Nico, here is an example:

  1. Go to user settings (Ctrl + Shift + PUser settings (UI) or Ctrl + , (comma)

  2. Search for Beautify in the field above. And click on "Edit in settings.json" for "Beautify: Config".

  3. For the "html" section, add "php" and "blade".


You can invoke it directly. Press F1, and then write Beautify. The auto completion gives you two choices, "Beautify file" and "Beautify selection". Choose the one you need, and it will do the job. That's a straightforward direct way.

You can also add a keybinding to have a keyboard shortcut. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open keybindings.json (go to menu FilePreferencesKeyboard Shortcuts)

  2. Click in the above. Open and edit file keybindings.json

  3. Add the following into the closed brackets, []

           "key": "alt+b",
           "command": "HookyQR.beautify",
           "when": "editorFocus"

    Choose any key you want, and make sure you don't override an existing one. Search first in the left side if it exists or not.

Note that all of those things are well documented in the description of the extension.

Extra: Note about blade

(suite to @Peter Mortensen clarification pinpoint)

blade or blade.php

If you are confused if it's blade or blade.php for the setting! I'll clear it up for you! It's blade! That's vscode keyword for the language!

How do you know ?

First if you open the list of languages as by the image bellow:

Write blade

You can see Laravel Blade (blade)! The language keyword is in the paratheses! blade!

Well but how to check!

Try with blade.php in the settings!

Try to beautify

You'll get an asking context menu for what language (html, css, js)!

So it doesn't works!

To really know ! Put back blade! And it will work and beautify directly!

How well it works with blade

The awesome answer to that! Is try it, and see for yourself!

But if you ask me! I'll say it does work as with html! It can be too handy! And you may need to fix some lines! Depending on your expectations and your style!

Here an illustration! I screwed the indentation in purpose

And here the beautification result:

Friday, October 28, 2022

Visual Studio Code has pretty awesome PHP support. What it lacks is covered by extensions. A quick search reveals at least three (1, 2, and 3) that claim to support PHP formatting.

They mostly seem to use the standard shortcut of Alt + Shift + F on Windows/Linux, with varying shortcuts on Mac. If you're on Mac, give ⌥⇧F a try.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Solved by uninstalling and reinstalling Visual Studio Code extensions.

Friday, November 11, 2022
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