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I am having problems with Wamp Server, the icon will never turn green. It is constantly stuck at orange.

I have tried many ways, editing HOSTS file, .config files, disabling IIS, changing SKYPE's port, quitting SKYPE, disabling World Wide Web publishing services etc... And under wamp server icon > Apache > Test port 80, it states that Apache is using that port.

I am running Windows 8 64 bit and Wamp Server 2.4. Any help would be appreciated.



Before you can fix anything you need to know which service has not started, Apache or MySQL.

As the TEST PORT 80 utility is saying Apache is running its probably the MySQL service that has not started. Unless you have another Apache running!

So which service has not started???

If the wampmanager icon is not GREEN then one of the services ( Apache/MySQL ) has not started properly.

How to tell which service is not running if the wampmanager icon is orange.

Left click the wampmanager icon to reveal the menu-> Apache -> Service If the Start/Resume service menu is Green then Apache IS NOT running.

Left click the wampmanager icon to reveal the menu-> MySQL -> Service If the Start/Resume service menu is Green then MySQL IS NOT running.

If Apache is the service that is not running it is normally, but not always, because something else has captured port 80.

Now do, Left click the wampmanager icon to reveal the menu-> Apache -> Service -> Test port 80 This will launch a command window and display some information about what, if anything is using port 80.

Whatever it is should be re-configured to not use port 80 or uninstalled if you are not using it.

If port 80 is not the problem look for errors in the appropriate error log ( use the wamp manager menus to view the error logs )

If these do not exists or show no errors then also check the Windows Event Viewer Start -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer And look in the 'Windows Logs' -> Application' section accessed from the menu on the left of the dialog for error messages from Apache and or MySQL.

If its MYSQL that has not started.

Check the mysql error log by using the menus

wampmanager->MySQL->error log

Check the Windows Event log for messages from MYSQL

Check you dont have another MYSQL Server instance running.

How to Configure SKYPE so it does not require port 80 or 443

Run SKYPE then using the menus do this: Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Connection Un-Check the checkbox next to 'Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incomming connections' Now restart SKYPE for these changes to take effect.

If you are running Windows 8 SKYPE comes as an app and this cannot ( as yet ) be configured in this way. However if you uninstall the SKYPE app and install SKYPE in the old way, you can reconfigure it, and it works just as well.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

The documentation of Orange package didn't cover all the details. Table._init__(Domain, numpy.ndarray) works only for int and float according to lib_kernel.cpp.

They really should provide an C-level interface for pandas.DataFrames, or at least numpy.dtype("str") support.

Update: Adding table2df, df2table performance improved greatly by utilizing numpy for int and float.

Keep this piece of script in your orange python script collections, now you are equipped with pandas in your orange environment.

Usage: a_pandas_dataframe = table2df( a_orange_table ) , a_orange_table = df2table( a_pandas_dataframe )

Note: This script works only in Python 2.x, refer to @DustinTang 's answer for Python 3.x compatible script.

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import Orange

#### For those who are familiar with pandas
#### Correspondence:
####    value <->
####        NaN <-> ["?", "~", "."] # Don't know, Don't care, Other
####    dtype <-> Orange.feature.Descriptor
####        category, int <-> Orange.feature.Discrete # category: > pandas 0.15
####        int, float <-> Orange.feature.Continuous # Continuous = core.FloatVariable
####                                                 # refer to feature/
####        str <-> Orange.feature.String
####        object <-> Orange.feature.Python
####    DataFrame.dtypes <->
####    DataFrame.DataFrame <-> = 
####                              # You will need this if you are reading sources

def series2descriptor(d, discrete=False):
    if d.dtype is np.dtype("float"):
        return Orange.feature.Continuous(str(
    elif d.dtype is np.dtype("int"):
        return Orange.feature.Continuous(str(, number_of_decimals=0)
        t = d.unique()
        if discrete or len(t) < len(d) / 2:
            return Orange.feature.Discrete(str(, values=list(t.astype("str")))
            return Orange.feature.String(str(

def df2domain(df):
    featurelist = [series2descriptor(df.icol(col)) for col in xrange(len(df.columns))]

def df2table(df):
    # It seems they are using native python object/lists internally for types (?)
    # And I didn't find a constructor suitable for pandas.DataFrame since it may carry
    # multiple dtypes
    #  --> the best approximate is, numpy.ndarray),
    #  --> but the dtype of numpy array can only be "int" and "float"
    #  -->  * refer to src/orange/lib_kernel.cpp 3059:
    #  -->  *    if (((*vi)->varType != TValue::INTVAR) && ((*vi)->varType != TValue::FLOATVAR))
    #  --> Documents never mentioned >_<
    # So we use numpy constructor for those int/float columns, python list constructor for other

    tdomain = df2domain(df)
    ttables = [series2table(df.icol(i), tdomain[i]) for i in xrange(len(df.columns))]

    # For performance concerns, here are my results
    # dtndarray = np.random.rand(100000, 100)
    # dtlist = list(dtndarray)
    # tdomain =[Orange.feature.Continuous("var" + str(i)) for i in xrange(100)])
    # tinsts = [, list(dtlist[i]) )for i in xrange(len(dtlist))] 
    # t =, tinsts)
    # timeit list(dtndarray)  # 45.6ms
    # timeit [, list(dtlist[i])) for i in xrange(len(dtlist))] # 3.28s
    # timeit, tinsts) # 280ms

    # timeit, dtndarray) # 380ms
    # As illustrated above, utilizing constructor with ndarray can greatly improve performance
    # So one may conceive better converter based on these results

def series2table(series, variable):
    if series.dtype is np.dtype("int") or series.dtype is np.dtype("float"):
        # Use numpy
        # Table._init__(Domain, numpy.ndarray)
        return, series.values[:, np.newaxis])
        # Build instance list
        # Table.__init__(Domain, list_of_instances)
        tdomain =
        tinsts = [, [i]) for i in series]
        return, tinsts)
        # 5x performance

def column2df(col):
    if type(col.domain[0]) is Orange.feature.Continuous:
        return (col.domain[0].name, pd.Series(col.to_numpy()[0].flatten()))
        tmp = pd.Series(np.array(list(col)).flatten())  # type(tmp) -> np.array( dtype=list ( )
        tmp = tmp.apply(lambda x: str(x[0]))
        return (col.domain[0].name, tmp)

def table2df(tab):
    # cannot handle strings
    # So we must build the array column by column,
    # When it comes to strings, python list is used
    series = [column2df( for i in xrange(len(tab.domain))]
    series_name = [i[0] for i in series]  # To keep the order of variables unchanged
    series_data = dict(series)
    print series_data
    return pd.DataFrame(series_data, columns=series_name)
Wednesday, August 3, 2022

left click wamp> php>version> get more>

select the version ytou want and download it.

install the exe.

left click wamp> php> version> php xxx.x

UPDATE: I have further investigated: to switch between that 2 version seems not that simple... please check this guide, it has very detailed information

and this maybe also help

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Did you read the dialog that is shown as part of the install about making sure you have the full set of Microsoft C/C++ Runtime libraries installed.

Windows 10 does not come with them all installed

--- Installation of Wampserver ---

BEFORE proceeding with the installation of Wampserver, you must ensure that certain elements are installed on your system, otherwise Wampserver will absolutely not run, and in addition, the installation will be faulty and you need to remove Wampserver BEFORE installing the elements that were missing. Make sure you are "up to date" in the redistributable packages VC9, VC10, VC11, VC13 and VC14 See --- Visual C++ Packages below.

--- Do not install Wampserver OVER an existing version, follow the advice:

Install a new version of Wampserver:

If you install Wampserver over an existing version, not only it will not work, but you risk losing your existing databases.

--- Install Wampserver in a folder at the root of a disk, for example C:wamp or D:wamp. Take an installation path that does not include spaces or diacritics; Therefore, no installation in c:Program Files or C:Program Files (x86)

We must BEFORE installing, disable or close some applications: - Close Skype or force not to use port 80 Item No. 04 of the Wampserver TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS:

  • Disable IIS Item No. 08 of the Wampserver TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS:

If these prerequisites are not in place, Press the Cancel button to cancel the installation, then apply the prerequisites and restart the installation.

--- Visual C++ Packages ---

The MSVC runtime libraries VC9, VC10, VC11 are required for Wampserver 2.4, 2.5 and 3.0, even if you use only Apache and PHP versions with VC11. Runtimes VC13, VC14 is required for PHP 7 and Apache 2.4.17

-- VC9 Packages (Visual C++ 2008 SP1)

32bit from here and 64bit from here

-- VC10 Packages (Visual C++ 2010 SP1)

32bit from here and 64bit from here

-- VC11 Packages (Visual C++ 2012 Update 4) The two files VSU4vcredist_x86.exe and VSU4vcredist_x64.exe to be download are on the same page: 32bit and 64bit

-- VC13 Packages] (Visual C++ 2013[) The two files VSU4vcredist_x86.exe and VSU4vcredist_x64.exe to be download are on the same page: 32bit and 64bit

-- VC14 Packages (Visual C++ 2015) The two files vcredist_x86.exe and vcredist_x64.exe to be download are on the same page: 32bit and 64bit

If you have a 64-bit Windows, you must install both 32 and 64bit versions, even if you do not use Wampserver 64 bit.

This is item number 20 of TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS of Wampserver:

ALSO remember you must install WAMPServer "As an Administator" and also run it that way.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

The semantics for importing Orange have changed around version 2.5. If using code written with a previous version, some changes must be made, see Critically, one needs to replace:

import orange


import Orange

(note the capital letter O in the second example).

A side effect is that other sub-modules no longer need to be explicitly imported; a single

import Orange

is enough, instead of e.g.

import orange, orngTest, orngStat, orngTree
Sunday, December 11, 2022
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